• Professional website and WordPress blog hosting, setup, management, software updates, and comment spam protection.
  • Customized powerful, professional, and performance-based website or blog theme.
  • Publish like a pro — No special Web knowledge or programming skills needed. If you can use a word processor, you can post articles to your blog from the comforts of your PC. We take care of all of the technical complications and challenges.
  • Search engine friendly design for higher search engine ranking.
  • Internet marketing advice and help with promoting and monetizing your website or blog site.
  • Ongoing support and training for you and your staff.
  • E-Commerce (E-Store Shopping Cart for goods, services, and donations). An effective and easily navigable E-Commerce is very important. Whether you are selling a product, service, training video, E-Book, published book, CD, DVD, audio, video, podcast, or packaged service, you want to make it easy for someone to make purchases from you blog or website. The buyer wants a clear, easy, and safe process. We help you select the best solution for your blog or website. We will set up and maintain a great looking, easy to use, and effective shopping cart for products that can either be downloaded or shipped. We will also make it possible for you to sell packaged services online.
  • Membership Site (i.e., various membership levels: free, basic, premium, etc.).
  • Newsletter sign-up form. If you want to offer a newsletter subscription service from your website or blog, we will be happy to set one up for you.
  • Newsletter customization for a professional consistent look and feel with your blog. If you desire to make an impressive impact with a newsletter, having a newsletter that matches the look and feel of your blog’s theme is important – and we are happy to help. If you use Constant Contact, we can perform standard and advanced customizations for you. Standard customizations include a matching header, logo, and picture. If you need more than that or use a different e-mail newsletter service, we will be happy to provide more advanced customizations. Of course, client’s needs vary. That is why we will need to talk with you in greater detail before determining the final cost.
  • Special customizations for improved post readability.
  • Training on how you can write articles to enhance your search engine visibility and on industry’s best practices.
  • Help and advice for leveraging your website or blog with social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Affiliate program to leverage one of the most powerful ways to market your products online.
  • Header customizations for logo and/or graphic.
  • Custom about page with your picture. This can be expanded to also include associates.
  • 3-D Book, E-Book, CD, and DVD product graphics.
  • Standard daily backups with additional special backups available as requested.
  • 17-Point Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ongoing support.
  • Help with search engine submission and registering with the major blog directories.
  • Google AdSense.
  • Customized Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Contact Page.
  • RSS feed and e-mail subscription.
  • Date removal customizations for special blog types.
  • Multimedia (e.g., promotional or training video, audio MP3, etc.) streamed directly from your site or from a 3rd party (e.g., YouTube) through your site.
  • Podcasting help and setup.
  • Ongoing site maintenance to ensure your site has the latest technology.
  • Download page(s) to provide free or paid downloads.
  • Pro Blog Hub available by phone and e-mail for quick questions and recommendations.
  • 1 hour free consulting, coaching, and mentoring each month.
  • Help with domain search and registration.
  • E-mail accounts (includes Webmail, forwarding, fraud, virus, and spam protection) with a new blog domain registration.
  • Favicon (the small graphic that displays next to the site URL in the browser’s location bar). A favicon for your website or blog allows visitors to quickly identify your site in their favorite bookmarks among the other bookmarked sites.
  • Ability to have an email SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record for your domain’s e-mail to help prevent someone from spoofing your e-mail addresses and sending out spam e-mail fraudulently disguised as coming from your domain. (Requires a new blog or website domain registration.)
  • Additional customizations are available for discussion (e.g., post ratings, polls, post view count, non-standard page customizations, etc.) and are contingent on the complexity and the client’s needs.

Note: Since you will want your website or blog to create greater awareness of your services and products, from time-to-time you will probably need to have changes made to particular pages, products, menus, or help with special formatting. As part of your ongoing support, we provide a number of no-fee changes each month. The number provided will usually take care of your needs and is largely based on your level of service. However, depending on the complexity, number of changes, special customizations or enhancements needed, and the timing involved, additional costs may be required. If additional costs are necessary, we will fully discuss this with you and propose the most cost effective solution.

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Website or Blog?

“You should have both!”

A fully professional WordPress blog can be embedded seamlessly in your website or located separately and provides numerous benefits.

Terry Brock believes so strongly about the need for a blog that he said in a National Speakers Association workshop, “Your website should be a blog!”

In a follow-up conversation with Terry, he expanded and said, “In most cases and for most people, a blog is the most efficient, effective, and income generating way to have a presence on the Net.”

Terry Brock (terrybrock.com) is a professional speaker and marketing coach.

In the Spotlight

Increase Exposure for Your Business!

One of our clients had 2 international business magazines link to his site within the first 60 days of launching his new blog: ManageMyEmployees.com.

These online magazines were Drake Business Review and the Return on Behavior Magazine which goes out to 2,500 European leaders in customer service.