There is a hard way and an easy way to blog or construct a website that appeals to your target audience. We specialize in making it easy – no technical headaches and frustrations and no special Web knowledge or programming skills needed. Pro Blog Hub is an established provider of professional blog and website design and support solutions.

If you have services or products to sell, attracting highly targeted visitors could be one of the main benefits of a blog or website and we can help you put it all together so that you can better sell your services, products, and get more interest in what you have to offer.

We specialize in professional websites and blogs for businesses, organizations, consultants, speakers, authors, coaches, and trainers. We know and understand the many challenges businesses and organizations face. Combined with years of both technical and business knowledge, we have a unique insight that you won’t get from a standard website or blog design company.

We make you look good! If you are a consultant, speaker, author, coach, or trainer, you don’t need just a blog. You need a blog that is designed with you in mind and focuses on what you want to accomplish.

A standard “box website or blog” simply will not cut it in today’s crowded space for professional services or products. Without the right kind of help, you will find yourself wasting a great deal of time and energy trying to fit your style to an uninteresting and typical website or blog format. Having a site that can accomplish what you need now and grow with you as your business grows is critical.

Why encumber yourself with something that’s too difficult to maintain or just won’t work? Typically, you can spend thousands of dollars having a custom website or blog built for you, and then you are left mostly on your own. When you need help or advice, you often have to pay more and frequently will find yourself talking with a technically centered person that can only try to imagine what you need to accomplish. You don’t always need just a technical solution. Sometimes you also need a strategy that has been proven to work and that can be deployed with your existing website or blog.

Why not talk with someone who speaks your language and understands your needs? Call us and explore the possibilities of a professional blog or website with someone qualified to do so.

(Pro Blog Hub is a service of Knowledge Brokers, LLC)

Meet Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes is the founder of Pro Blog Hub and has over 20 years professional information technology, consulting, management, business coaching, and university teaching experience. He draws from his real-world experience and knowledge when working with clients in creating professional blogs and websites that literally jump out and seize a visitor’s immediate attention!

Mike’s knowledge and insight have helped both individuals and organizations in North America and Europe find the most effective route to getting the results they want. As an experienced consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker, Mike understands both chaos and complexity, highly values simplicity, and is committed to his clients’ success.

Mike prides himself on helping his clients reach goals that had always been out of reach in the past. His solutions often provide simple but powerful answers to the most complex problems.

Website or Blog?

“You should have both!”

A fully professional WordPress blog can be embedded seamlessly in your website or located separately and provides numerous benefits.

Terry Brock believes so strongly about the need for a blog that he said in a National Speakers Association workshop, “Your website should be a blog!”

In a follow-up conversation with Terry, he expanded and said, “In most cases and for most people, a blog is the most efficient, effective, and income generating way to have a presence on the Net.”

Terry Brock ( is a professional speaker and marketing coach.

In the Spotlight

Increase Exposure for Your Business!

One of our clients had 2 international business magazines link to his site within the first 60 days of launching his new blog:

These online magazines were Drake Business Review and the Return on Behavior Magazine which goes out to 2,500 European leaders in customer service.