If you are a consultant, speaker, author, coach, or trainer, you have to have a web presence beyond the typical website – you need a professional blog (either separate or embedded with the website) and here is why:

  1. Blogs draw more traffic and are favored by search engines. Social networks and other online tools cater directly to blogs and provide a means for even greater visibility for a blog.
  2. If you have services or products to sell, attracting highly targeted visitors is one of the main benefits of a blog. Blogs have been proven to generate more visits and greater loyalty than just a website. With more visitors come more opportunities to sell your services, products, and get more gigs!
  3. As a professional, you need more than a “box blog.” You need one that is designed with you in mind: what you are about, what makes you different, why what you have to offer is of high value and extremely beneficial. Many of the standard “box blogs” you see today are not designed with a consultant, speaker, coach or trainer in mind and provide poor benefits. With the right blog, you are able to create new products, market them sooner, and quickly start generating money from them. You also save time since a valued body of work can be produced from just the normal process of writing articles for your blog … PLUS a reputation can be built as a subject matter expert to a larger audience.
  4. A professional blog becomes a natural conduit for producing material that you can leverage: a book, E-book, special report, white paper, tip sheet, video, audio recording, speech, or presentation. Want to create it quicker and easier? You can do it through a blog. As you write articles and draw on your knowledge and experience, you will find yourself creating the content needed for a book, a script for a video, or even a podcast. A blog speeds up the process for you.
  5. Blogs can “feed” posts as they are published and syndicate content automatically to your customers or subscribers. It’s very typical for a website to eventually go completely stale and people stop going to it. Conversely, blogs and feeds (i.e., RSS feeds) keep fresh, new content coming from your site so that your network keeps returning for more great insights and information from you. Traffic leads to sales!
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Website or Blog?

“You should have both!”

A fully professional WordPress blog can be embedded seamlessly in your website or located separately and provides numerous benefits.

Terry Brock believes so strongly about the need for a blog that he said in a National Speakers Association workshop, “Your website should be a blog!”

In a follow-up conversation with Terry, he expanded and said, “In most cases and for most people, a blog is the most efficient, effective, and income generating way to have a presence on the Net.”

Terry Brock (terrybrock.com) is a professional speaker and marketing coach.

In the Spotlight

Increase Exposure for Your Business!

One of our clients had 2 international business magazines link to his site within the first 60 days of launching his new blog: ManageMyEmployees.com.

These online magazines were Drake Business Review and the Return on Behavior Magazine which goes out to 2,500 European leaders in customer service.